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Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

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About Bhaba Pass

Enter into the challenging adventure of Pin Bhaba Pass Trek. This is one of the most beautiful treks of North India in the lush green mountains of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 16,043 ft.

The adventurous journey to Bhaba pass leads to Pin Valley of Spiti. It gives your eyes the pleasure of viewing the different shades of pink and changing landscapes of deserted mountains of Spiti.

About Bhaba Pass


Let’s Go On Top

lets go on top

Get on to the top of Bhaba pass with us and complete your bookings to book your seats as limited seats are available. Book your seats now.




Maximum Altitude

Maximum Altitude

16,105 ft



8 Days

pickup point

Pickup point

Shimla & Kafnu


Shimla To Kafnu

Kafnu Altitude: 7,874 ft

Distance: 205 km

Meet at Shimla bus stand at 7:00 am for a 7-8 hours long journey to Kafnu, a small quaint village in Kinnaur district 205 km away from Shimla. In the way you will also get a view of India’s first underground Hydel project on Bhaba River, located in the middle of green lake. After reaching Kafnu, the trekkers are going to stay in local guest house and the trek will begin next day.

Note: If anyone wants to reach Kafnu by their own vehicle then they are allowed to do so. Just be on time at Kafnu. If you want, we can arrange sharing cab with another group members. You need to select addon Rs. 1500 per person.

Shimla To Kafnu


Kafnu To Mulling

Kafnu To Mulling
Kafnu To Mulling

Kafnu Altitude: 7874 ft

Mulling Altitude: 10,777 ft

Distance: 10 km

Trek starts in the morning from the open parking area in front of the resort through the road that will head up towards the valley to a bridge. After crossing the bridge, head towards the left side on the good trail. On this trail you will head towards narrow path that will head upstream and on crossing some musrang homes you will enter a forest that will lead to a set of switch backs climbing for 150 m into alluring pine forest that leads to an open pasture and then descends back to the river.

All through this way you will come across grassy pasture, large gully cut around an ancient terminal moraine, beautiful scenic beauty. At the end of gully trail you will reach magnificent broad alpine valley called Mulling where you can camp overnight.


Mulling To Kara

Mulling Altitude: 10,777 ft

Kara Altitude: 11,744 ft

Distance: 5 km

After taking a rest for a night continue the trekking from mulling Valley while enjoying the scenic beauty of the surrounding mountains that will give calm you like never before. After going beyond the pasture, you will enter into the boulder field and then into the sparse forest. You will notice that the valley gets narrower near the junction of the Yuchdiun River and you will cross it through a step-sided gully via a boulder bridge which is at an altitude of 11,056 ft.

Before transversing towards the alpine valley you have to climb steeply for about 200 m. In these beautiful surroundings, you can set up your camp according to your wish near the lake and can even enjoy some goat milk and meat available with the local shepherds.

Mulling To Kara
Mulling To Kara


Kara To Pushtirang

Kara To Pushtirang
Kara To Pushtirang

Kara Altitude: 11,745 ft

Mulling Altitude: 11,745 ft

Distance: 5 km

From Kara, you have to move towards the northwest to reach Pushtirang and for that, you have to find a convenient crossing point near the confluence before climbing towards the north bank. Through this trail, you will come across grassy spur as you cross the undulating pastures with many boulders.

Two types of climb sites are available at the upper site, which will offer you an easier start for the following day, and the lower site is are small herder shelters in the valley. Camping at Pushtirang is a blessing in itself because you are viewing the huge river delta which is one of its only kinds in the Himalayas and you can also witness the splendid view of Hansbeshan peak.


Pushtirang To Mangrungse

Pushtirang Altitude: 13,664 ft

Mangrungse Altitude: 13,800 ft

Distance: 12 Km

After having a look at the splendid view of nature you will start your trekking from pushtirang to mangrungse via Bhaba Pass. The trail will take you towards the center of pass approach valley through a scree-covered spur. After climbing about 350 m the trail crosses a meltwater stream and goes through the steeper ground for about next 150 m to reach a plateau at 15,190 ft, a palatable place used by many groups for high camping.

To reach another rocky moraine hillock that is the lowest point, you have to cross the basin and climb directly upwards. Here you will mark the entry into the Spiti region through the beautiful landscape and arid beauty. Depending upon the situation of snow and avalanche, you will be transverse towards a less steep route and will reach to the flat bottomed valley in less than an hour.

From here you will reach to a confluence of three rivers at Tiyaand, a trail junction and the team can camp around it at Mangrungse.

Pushtirang To Mangrungse
Pushtirang To Mangrungse


Mangrungse To Mudh & Drive To Kaza

lets go on top
Mangrungse To Mudh & Drive To Kaza

Mangrungse Altitude: 13,800 ft

Mudh Altitude: 12,467 ft

Distance: 17 Km

Now after enjoying the top view, the return journey will start from this day from Mnagrungse to Mudh via Pharka Village. Move on the trail that traverse towards north before the last descent and then dismount before verting above the Pin river to Bara Boulder. Following the bank of Pharka Nallah you will enjoy the natural landscape, small settlements and sheep flocks of the Pharka village.

Drive from Mudh village, last village of spiti region to the Kaza, the traditional capital of Spiti. Congratulations your trek ends here.


Departure from Kaza

From here its your choice that you want to move ahead to Manali as on your special request we can arrange a transport to Manali but you have to register for that in advance. Else you can enjoy shopping and can have a visit to the local monasteries and other tourist places of the spiti valley.

Even if you want to go back home you can take a leave, just inform the trek leader about it.

Departure from Kaza


Buffer Day

Buffer Day

This day is kept in case there is any emergency or weather change. It is advised to keep a buffer day in your travel plan. If the buffer day is used, you have to pay Rs. 2,300 per day (INR) +5% GST / per person. The amount will be collected by the Trek Leader.


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Why Trekkers Love Peace Himalya

From encouraging you to take a short break from your daily routine and taking you away from the fast moving life to the calm and serene beauty of nature.

Software developerNavdeep

Software Developer

I was so frustrated from my routine of 9 to 5 job and needed a break. Peace Himalya gave me that break by allowing me to go on a trek and staying away from the hustle of day-to-day life.


affiliate marketertRanjeet Singh

Affiliate Marketer

Peace Himalya made my trekking a wonderful experience and took care of all the needs and safety of its trekkers. Cheers to the wonderful work done by the team.




I went alone on trekking without any connectivity with the outside world and these people made me relish the entire journey. It was an amazing experience about which I can talk with my friends for years.




“It was my first trek and I was very afraid of how I will be able to do it but the team of peace himalya made it so easy and enjoyable that I would love to go on a trekking with them again.


Online Marketing AnalystBalvir Singh

Online Marketing Analyst

Although going on a trek sounds adventurous and risky too but the positive attitude of the team and the safety they assured us was up to the mark and made it worth remembering the experience.



5 Most Frequently Asked Questions For Bhaba Pass

What Is the Eligibility for Pin Bhaba Pass?

As the pass is at a high altitude of 16125 feet which requires high strength and endurance so it is recommended that you gain an experience of trekking to an altitude of 3700 meters. With this, you should be aware of campsite basics like how to use sleeping tents, sleeping bags, and toilet tents.

What Needs to Be Packed for Trekking on Pin Bhaba Pass?

Essential items that need to be packed while going on the trek on Pin Bhaba Pass are mentioned below.

  • 1 rucksack bag with rain cover
  • 1 head torch with spare batteries
  • 2 water bottles of 2 liters each
  • Track pants
  • Pair of thick woolen socks
  • Thermal bodywarmer upper and lower both
  • Pair of waterproof warm gloves
  • Personal toiletries kit
  • Some basic utensils
  • Other eatables things

What Is the Best Month for Visiting Pin Bhaba Pass?

Hill stations and mountains are always feeling best during every season but if you want to specifically know about the month when trekking would be best then the month of May and June would be most favorable and during winters if you want to enjoy the snowfall then it is around new year in January. But the best thing about Pin Bhaba Pass is that its trek can be done in the monsoon as well. 

Is Phone Network Available On Pin Bhaba Pass?

Phone networks are not available at such high altitudes and you will lose the connectivity from the start of the trek at Kafnu till crossing the Rohtang Pass. Enjoy your trek away from the connectivity of the world and let outer peace helps in building your inner peace.

What Are the Mandatory Documents Required for the Trek?

Some of the mandatory documents required for the trek are:

  • Soft copy of the ID proof that needs to be sent in advance to the trek organizer.
  • Medical certificate which needs to be carried by the trekker at the time of trekking and its soft copy should be sent well in advance.


Are you ready to take challenge of Bhaba Pass with 16043 ft altitutde.